A Conference Talk

It feels good to be an expert -Virtual San Diego


    It's a busy day, preparing for an important meeting, writing multiple emails to different groups, preparing documents. It was funny that meeting link and prelim form link cannot work at the same time, feeling like being cursed. It turned out well at last though.


    I am the last speaker, and I joined the virtual meeting around 2 hrs ahead, thought I could learn from other speakers and see the audience reactions. Several speakers don't even show up, but my presentation is surprisingly on time. What a coincidence.


    Here comes the my part. I was nervous and my PC suddenly froze, so was my heart. I exited suddenly and joined later on, spent 14 mins talking about my 15-page slides, loud and out-of-nowhere confident. Q&A questions section is the most amazing part. I knew the president is in the same research area and an expert in this area. But he didn't give me a hard time, even though the question he asked proved that he knew the challenges. So many audience showed interest (Dunno if interested or confused), and I bragged about it, which I doubt every day, what a sarcasm. BUT it feels so good to teach other people the knowledge. I can also show the enthusiasm to new audience, what a sarcasm.


    Out-of-the-topic thoughts tho: Taylor Tomlinson is exactly the kind of comedian I like, showing attitudes towards the sadness or bipolar mental issues in her life. Gonna love life AF.