What I Think About When I Swim

I Borrowed the idea from *What I Talk About When I Talk About Running* by Haruki Murakami \
"BGM: 2009-Mac Miller" 
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  • I also thought that a common and universal law exists in the world, meaning things to have a lot in common, just like Murphy’s law.
  • After all the burdenful mountains I see, I still like peaceful water.
  • It happends to me when I suddenly decide to swim in early morning like aged people.
  • People don’t like to read self-mumbling, especially from “A guy has no name”. It is for self-reflection only, might still feel lovely after years.


    Swimming is like LSD to me. Ideas just jump into my mind at every stroke, bad or good, happy or sad, work or swim itself. It is among few sports you don't feel sweating no matter how hard you exercise. It is when you shoulders become sour, then you realize, oh, you have swam for 500 yards without stop.


    Hard to admit that, I only started to learn swimming since 3 yrs ago, due to some weird traditional Chinese belief that water is like devil to me (Had one drowning accident tho.)


    It is an interesting thing that everyone has different schedule for exercise, some choose mornings to refresh them, but I will feel tired. Some choose the 4~5 pm as I heard it is the time that your muscle cells are most active during the day. Some prefer to dance with Pamela then can have a good sleep.

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