A Look Back at 2021

A lot

  • Had an unforgettable Feb 15th, never felt so desperate before, and hopefully those days will neve happen again.
  • Witnessed a simple but super sweet wedding, super excited for their happiness.
  • Had an awesome and mind-refreshing summer in Pasadena, CA.
  • Reached the resolution of swimming for 20 km.
  • Learned expensive lessons from lossing a lot in the market: always bear the respect towards the market.
  • Watched 106 movies/dramas, read (only!!!)7 books. Gonna improve a lot on that.
  • At least published 1 paper, 2nd in struggle, 3rd has its rough draft. Gonna be a final year in 2022.
  • Had a few interviews again for 2022 summer, hopefully will nail it, but will still keep preparing!

A lot of conversions talking about a little better 2021 than 2020. From my perspective, it started the same path as in 2020, climbed up a little over the summer, ended not happlily in a hot winter in Texas.
I am not expecting that everthing happening or is going to happen will be something we expect, the only thing I would know is to invest yourself as much as possible.
At least when we are facing the fireworks, when we are with our friends and family, we deeply hope it will be better in the near future, specifically, starting from January, 2022.
For me, a look back in 2021 already implies the resolution I am gonna to reach in 2022.