Random Walk over my hair

Random talk

- I'm not a good communicator, and it's a relatively tough job for me to persuade people. Maybe it is a preexisiting thought that people's belief is hard to be altered. I'm afraid sometimes to irritate people so I'm always under camouflage actually or I JUST simply don't want to waste time. 
- I truly believe 88% of confidence is based on the positive feedback from your closed people, friends, colleagues, boss. And it needs to be truly and purely praise or admiration, instead of encouragement or placebo.
- Investing in yourself never hurts. Self-centric or self-defence does hurt.
- Thoughts never sleep, let me finish my work first (11/22/2021 10:42 pm)
- Words hurt, I have learned a lot from past experience and am still taking lessons. When I heard others arguing, it reminds of my old days, immature and seemingly innocent.